Collection: Cove - Painted

Presenting the painted version of our timeless kitchen front design, perfect for custom IKEA cabinet doors. We've introduced this collection to infuse your kitchen with a more distinctive style.

These fronts feature the same integrated handle shape found in all our COVE collections, allowing for endless creativity and accent possibilities when combined.


Our designers have curated 10 timeless colors, each capable of standing out on its own or blending seamlessly with other colors or wooden finishes.

What's more, the colored fronts will appear different in every space depending on the time of day and lighting, adding a unique touch to your kitchen.

Design and Materials

Our design team invested meticulous effort into crafting this collection, prioritizing functionality and comfort in every kitchen interaction.

These fronts boast the identical integrated handle shape seen across all our COVE collections, offering limitless creativity and accent potential when paired together.

Made from durable MDF core panels with an elegant matte finish, these doors radiate quality.

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  • COVE - Black Walnut

    The timeless appeal of black walnut hardwood exudes a natural richness, depth, elegance, and warmth that's truly unparalleled.

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  • COVE Fenix - Black Walnut

    The durable Fenix NTM finish is applied to both the front and back surfaces, complemented by the integrated handle crafted from black walnut, infusing the kitchen with a touch of natural warmth.

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  • COVE - White Oak

    The design celebrates the raw, timeless beauty of white oak hardwood, featured prominently in the thick end grain side edges.

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  • COVE Fenix - White Oak

    Both the front and back are finished with the durable Fenix NTM, while the white oak integrated handle adds a touch of natural warmth to the kitchen.

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