About us

Beyond Kitchen was founded in 2023 by a family of professional woodworkers seeking a modern alternative to outdated traditional kitchen cabinets.


When we scored our first house in 2020, it came equipped with a traditional cabinets that was a total hassle. But after living there for two years, we realized that the kitchen is the heart of our home. We spent so much time there, and we wanted it to be both stylish and organized. That's when we made up our minds to give our kitchen a seriously cool makeover.


After seeing another home sell for $1 million above the asking price because of a modern kitchen renovation, we felt motivated to invest in our own.

In our quest for a modern kitchen, we conducted extensive research, but traditional cabinetry companies failed to offer any contemporary options. We reached out to a few design studios we admired, only to discover that their quotes were three times higher than our budget.


In the end, we settled on Ikea cabinets, which offered a range of organizational features and the flexibility to purchase cabinets without fronts—an advantage other companies lacked. This was precisely what we needed! We took matters into our own hands and designed and built the fronts ourselves. The outcome? A top-notch, premium-made contemporary kitchen that fits perfectly within our budgetary constraints.


Our discussions revealed that a significant number of people were experiencing the same issue.


And so, Beyond Kitchen was born. Our goal is to assist all families who desire a home equipped with a functional, modern kitchen crafted from premium materials, while also boosting their house value

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