Collection: COVE - Godmorgon vanity

Introducing our timeless integrated handle design for your vanity units. Crafted from premium materials such as white oak, black walnut, or Fenix NTM, we also offer painted versions of the doors. They are compatible with both the current Godmorgon version and the previous generation.


All of our kitchen door material options are also available for bathroom vanities. These options include:

  • premium white oak natural veneer,
  • premium black walnut natural veneer,
  • Fenix NTM with wood option,
  • painted finishes.

Each option is complemented by an ergonomic integrated handle.


Our designers put great care into creating this collection, always keeping functionality and comfort in mind for every interaction with your kitchen. The handle's curvature is precisely shaped to align with the natural contours of your fingers, making it easy to grip. Crafted from premium hardwood, the handle is not only durable but also offers a pleasant tactile experience.

Fenix material or natural wood veneer is applied to both the front and back sides of the panel, ensuring a beautiful and stylish appearance whether your cabinets are open or closed.

This design infuses both style and warmth into your bathroom space.

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  • COVE - Painted

    Introducing our painted version of our timeless design with integrated handle.
    Painted collection featuring elegant matte finishes on robust MDF core panels.

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  • COVE - White Oak

    The design celebrates the raw, timeless beauty of white oak hardwood, featured prominently in the thick end grain side edges.

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  • COVE - Black Walnut

    The timeless appeal of black walnut hardwood exudes a natural richness, depth, elegance, and warmth that's truly unparalleled.

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  • COVE Fenix - Black Walnut

    The durable Fenix NTM finish is applied to both the front and back surfaces, complemented by the integrated handle crafted from black walnut, infusing the kitchen with a touch of natural warmth.

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