Collection: Cove - White Oak

Experience the fusion of style and functionality with our White Oak Kitchen Cabinets, featuring an elegantly integrated handle. This design celebrates the raw, timeless beauty of white oak hardwood, featured prominently in the thick end grain side edges. To align with this aesthetic, we craft the sturdy bottom edge from white oak hardwood, symbolizing enduring strength.

We create this timeless and modern kitchen cabinet design by using exclusively premium hardwood materials, meticulously crafting each piece to achieve this work of art.


Our fronts are crafted from top-tier white oak veneer. We handpick the finest wood patterns to adorn the front and side sections of each panel. The handle is fashioned from solid white oak, ensuring durability and imparting a robust feel.

Meticulous attention to detail, combined with the use of natural materials, transforms these fronts into genuine works of art.


Our designers meticulously crafted this collection, prioritizing functionality and comfort every time you interact with your kitchen. The handle's curve is specifically designed to align with the natural contour of your fingers, enhancing its ease of use.

With premium white oak fronts and seamlessly integrated handles, this design adds both style and warmth to your kitchen space.

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  • COVE - Painted

    Introducing our painted version of our timeless design with integrated handle.
    Painted collection featuring elegant matte finishes on robust MDF core panels.

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  • COVE Fenix - White Oak

    Both the front and back are finished with the durable Fenix NTM, while the white oak integrated handle adds a touch of natural warmth to the kitchen.

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  • COVE - Black Walnut

    The timeless appeal of black walnut hardwood exudes a natural richness, depth, elegance, and warmth that's truly unparalleled.

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  • COVE Fenix - Black Walnut

    The durable Fenix NTM finish is applied to both the front and back surfaces, complemented by the integrated handle crafted from black walnut, infusing the kitchen with a touch of natural warmth.

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