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Beyond Kitchen can take your IKEA setup to the next level. Our designs are crafted with precision to seamlessly blend with IKEA's Sektion cabinets.

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Initiating a personalized Ikea kitchen makeover can seem overwhelming due to its various components. However, we've streamlined the process into a few easy steps.

Understand Cabinet Structure

Explore the different parts of your cabinets. Recognizing each part helps you plan and set up your personalized Ikea kitchen.

  • Discover your style

    Explore a variety of modern cabinet door options and premium materials to uncover your distinct style. Order samples to spark your inspiration!

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  • Review Your Project

    Create your Ikea kitchen layout using the Ikea Kitchen Planner and share it with us to

    or book an appointment for assistance.

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  • Order

    You'll do it in two separate steps:

    1. Order Your Beyond Kitchen cabinet fronts.
    2. Order your cabinet boxes and internal hardware from Ikea WITHOUT FACING.



If you still have a question, we have an answer.

Still searching for a contractor? No worries!

We collaborate with skilled general contractors who handle all aspects of the installation process in your area.