Collection: Cove - Black Walnut with Fenix NTM (Nero Ingo)

Introducing an unbeatable blend of cutting-edge Fenix NTM and genuine black walnut hardwood. With the exceptional qualities of Fenix material, your kitchen will not only look great but also stand the test of time.

Paired with a premium black walnut handle, thoughtfully designed and seamlessly integrated into these timeless kitchen fronts, you're getting both style and durability.


Back in 2013, Arpa Industriale introduced a revolutionary material called Fenix, which offers essential kitchen-friendly features like anti-fingerprint, an ultra-matte surface, and the ability to heal minor scratches through heat. It's also pleasing to the touch.

To emphasize the beauty and durability of this material, our designers skillfully incorporated the natural look of black walnut wood into the integrated handle. The handle's design follows the natural contours of your fingers, ensuring everyday use is comfortable.

Now, this modern kitchen design combines timeless aesthetics with exceptionally durable materials.


Our design team invested meticulous attention in curating this collection, prioritizing functionality and comfort for every kitchen interaction.
The handle's curve is intricately shaped to harmonize with the natural contours of your fingers, ensuring an easy grip. Constructed from premium black walnut hardwood, the handle not only boasts durability but also provides a delightful tactile experience.

Fenix material graces both the front and back surfaces of the panel, ensuring a stylish appearance whether your cabinets are open or closed. By blending various Fenix colors with black walnut wood, this design effortlessly combines style and warmth, infusing your kitchen space with a unique aesthetic.

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  • COVE - Black Walnut

    The timeless appeal of black walnut hardwood exudes a natural richness, depth, elegance, and warmth that's truly unparalleled.

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  • COVE - Painted

    Introducing our painted version of our timeless design with integrated handle.
    Painted collection featuring elegant matte finishes on robust MDF core panels.

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  • COVE - White Oak

    The design celebrates the raw, timeless beauty of white oak hardwood, featured prominently in the thick end grain side edges.

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  • COVE Fenix - White Oak

    Both the front and back are finished with the durable Fenix NTM, while the white oak integrated handle adds a touch of natural warmth to the kitchen.

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