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Door - COVE Black Walnut with Fenix NTM - Nero Ingo

Door - COVE Black Walnut with Fenix NTM - Nero Ingo

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⛿ The actual dimensions are 1/8" smaller than the stated measurements.

⛿ If the required size is not visible, kindly reach out to us for assistance.

We carefully designed the J-pull handle to achieve the ideal ergonomic shape. Our kitchen cabinet doors proudly feature the perfect integrated handle, seamlessly following the natural shape of human fingers. This design ensures exceptional user-friendliness.

Our modern black fronts boast an integrated handle and uses durable Fenix NTM and black walnut hardwood. Thick end-grain walnut forms the side edges, and the bottom edge uses the same robust material. We make the handle from hardwood and covered both the front and back with Fenix NTM. 

We offer a variety of different sizes and colors for the horizontal and vertical doors, tailored to fit IKEA kitchen cabinets. 

To assemble your card, simply:

  1. Choose the desired width and height for each panel.
  2. Add your panel to the card.

Nicely done!

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