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Sample - COVE Black Walnut with Fenix NTM - Nero Ingo

Sample - COVE Black Walnut with Fenix NTM - Nero Ingo

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Experience the fusion of style and functionality with our Fenix with black walnut kitchen cabinet doors, featuring an elegantly integrated handle. Our design combines the technological features of Fenix NTM material and the raw, timeless beauty of hardwood, featured prominently in the thick end grain side edges.

We made the handle from durable hardwood, and it's both functional and stylish. Experience the magic of Fenix NTM and hardwood together, making your kitchen not only long-lasting but also elegant.

We opted for Fenix NTM material over painted surfaces because it offers significantly more durability, which is essential for every kitchen. The quality that painted fronts cannot provide, like:

  • anti-fingerprint
  • ultra-matte surface
  • the healing minor scratches throuth heat

We consider these features to be extremely important for your kitchen, ensuring smooth and comfortable daily use.

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